My name is Chelsea. I blog for fun about whatever strikes my fancy. I also am obsessed with running (fitness in general), music good enough to dance to, a good shot of vodka, just exisiting in the sun and deep fried pickles. I live on beautiful Vancouver Island, work at one of the bigger parking companies on the island (which I actually really love), and also work at a German Auto dealership on Saturdays (who needs free time?), have a redneck-turned-west-coast-hippy for a boyfriend, and the fattest hippopotamus of a cat, Penelope. You can also find me on Instagram.





I don’t take my blog seriously – in fact I have started this blog over seven thousand times (give or take a few thousand) because of how clashy my blog posts are. This go around I’m hoping to bask in the randomness and get some frequency of posts going because I love the feeling of accomplishment that follows with writing.

A few extras about me:

  • I’ve always lived on Vancouver Island, and although sometimes I long for change, I could not imagine living anywhere where I couldn’t go from the ocean to the mountain within an hour or two.
  • Every job I’ve had so far has been completely unrelated to the following one (though my obsession of stationary from a very young age would tell you I was bound to be in Administration from the very start)
  • I am 21, but getting one year riper in September.
  • Most of my free time involves exhausting myself on hikes with my boyfriend or doing bikram yoga in the hot room.
  • After October 2014 I will have completed my first marathon, and second half marathon!
  • I’m quitting my job in December and travelling Southeast Asia for 59 days with this guy:


  • Tough life, I know.
  • Most of my friends are ten years older than me but we’re still all the same ridiculously immature.
  • Chris and I met in February 2011, realizing in the locker room at Home Depot that we both spend our Sunday evenings drunk and alone, and decided we should spend them drunk and together (I’m risking making us sound like raging alcoholics here… but we really love our hard bar).

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