friday favourites

August 1st already? Where did July go?! At this rate, I’m going to be trekking the other side of the pacific ocean with Chris any day now (5 months!)

It’s also another long weekend! I plan on heading up island to see my dad who’s back from his camp job… I foresee working on my tan, a few runs (ah shit, 21 more training days until Sea Wheeze III), play with my parents’ adorable pup Katie, and use the hell out of their Vitamix. Sounds like a mini-reunion of my childhood friends may be on the agenda as well! To kick off the long weekend, let’s get on with my favourites, shall we?


Favourite track/mix:



Motez can do no wrong.

Favourite new online shopping discovery:


Fabletics is co-founded by beautiful Kate Hudson. Personally, my love affair with Lululemon is starting to die (after a good 6-7 years of being faithful), their quality just isn’t what it used to be… and if I’m spending $95 on a pair of leggings they are gonna last, damnit! The designs are wonderful and the prices, very reasonable.

Sadly Fabletics has yet to offer shipping to Canada, but I’m sure my bank account is praising the lord for that one.

Favourite YouTube video:

My co-worker showed me this the other day, and in case you didn’t already know, I work at a Parking company.

This video is outlandish and hilarious. As much as there is a huge misinterpretation into the industry, some of his ideas are so great.

Favourite drink:


Water. Nice and boring, I know… but I’ve been feeling so off this week and really need to up my intake.

Favourite daydream:


The Maldives. How much more breathtaking can a country be? We need to go as soon as possible.



I’m off to a wonderful home-cooked dinner at my second mother (might as well be, anyway) Christine’s place. TGIF everyone!! xxx

~ Chelsea


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