Highlights of my 21st year

Well, the week-long festivities are over, after a lot of Caribou Lou, café Patron, so many well-wishes and a lot of time spent with friends, new and old… I’m 22. Twenty-two. I think like the way it sounds.

21 was a major year. No good or bad, just major. Let’s review…


Well, I learned what it was like to be on the offender side of things, and when I say that, I mean this was probably the hardest year Chris and I ever will face. A lot of crying, a lot of talking, a lot of rum, but also a lot of laughter. Let me tell you that nothing feels better than putting that year behind me and being able to comfortably work for Chris’ trust again. *sigh*

Gains and losses to our family

Chris and I had to say goodbye to sweet Geoffrey, the old cranky cat I rescued from the Old Folks’ home I used to work at. He was abandoned there. Sadly, my other cat, Penelope, was just getting used to his grumpy ass. I’m sure he’s still meowing that broken meow in a pain-free world now.

After last year’s loss of my childhood best friend, Chewie, my parents were finally ready to take on a new pup. They trekked all the way up to Prince George to adopt little Katie… which was probably the best thing to happen to my mom, ever.